Steve Ellis from Clickable Media Ltd

What you'll need to be successful online

You need to link with a good CRM system
Have clearly defined workflows
A great user experience
Clear paths to conversions
Marketing funnels
Lead generation opt-in forms
Link all your businesses social and email accounts
Segregated contact lists
Email nurturing campaigns
Automation of day-to-day processes

Steve Ellis - @beclickable

I support, coach and mentor forward thinking business owners who are struggling to adapt to leading edge, innovative digital technology and those who are still reliant on traditional and outdated forms of internet marketing.

The ethos of my coaching and mentoring is to educate and empower clients, providing them with the ability and confidence to be responsible for their inhouse marketing needs. If time restraints preclude this, I will help find a partner who has the expertise to undertake these outsourcing tasks.

Let me show you how

I will show you how to bridge the gap and adapt to the new world of digital marketing. I will encourage you to learn, without feeling inadequate or getting lost in a fog of complex tech talk and jargon. By making things simple and showing you step by step, enables you to be more tech-savvy, smarter and run a more profitable business using the web.

Still reading?

I’m sure you’re still reading this because you want to be part of this constantly evolving digital revolution.

My business experience

With over 18 years experience in the service sector, working at a senior level for a multinational, focusing on performance improvement processes and delivering World Class Customer Service in Central London, I assessed a myriad of business perspectives to develop aims and objectives, which made a real difference at ground level. I later moved on to develop my own successful businesses within Internet Marketing, Digital Consultancy, Coaching and Training.

Like to know more?

If you would like to know more about how to promote your business online, reduce the cost per acquisition and make it more profitable or if you would like examples of how how I've helped other businesses, why not schedule an appointment with me by completing this short form.

I really look forward to hearing from you.

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