Creating a culture where everyone is obsessed with winning new customers and exceeding expectations.




Creating a culture where everyone is obsessed with winning new customers and exceeding expectations.


What is Customer Experience?

We define customer experience as (a) the sum of all the interactions that a customer has with a company over the course of the relationship lifecycle and (b) the customer's feelings, emotions, and perceptions of the brand over the course of those interactions.

Many people confuse customer experience with customer service; they are not one and the same. Customer experience is actually the "umbrella discipline," so to speak, while customer service falls under that umbrella.

Customer service is what happens when the customer experience breaks down. Customer service is just one aspect, one touchpoint in the overall customer experience. It's not only a department but also what we do to/for our customers.

Why is Customer Experience Important?

Your customers now have more information and more choice than ever before. They are more discerning, more vocal and expect more from you.

To maximise profit, businesses need customers to keep coming back to them i.e. to become loyal Customers. Research has shown that loyal customers:

  • Recommend you to other customers
  • Pay more for the same products/services
  • Forgive you when things go wrong
  • Defend you when others attack
  • Provide you with honest feedback
  • Look for ways to spend more with you
  • Cost less to service
  • Generate a disproportionate amount profit

It is no longer just about Customer service – it is about the entire, end-to-end experience for your Customers. Research shows that an excellent Customer Experience correlates with an increase in profitability and customer loyalty.

What role does Customer Experience play in creating competitive advantage?

A competitive advantage is an advantage that a business has over its competitors. This allows it to generate greater sales and retain more customers than its competition. For example, in providing great Customer Experience for your customers, a competitive advantage can be gained from customers who refer their friends and colleagues to a product or service, which in turn increases brand recognition and potentially sales.

What is Journey Mapping?

Journey Mapping is a way of seeing your business as the customer sees it, not as you see it. You may well think that they are one and the same – our experience tells us that they are invariably very different!

The process will highlight every single stage (touch point) the customer goes through when doing business with you. It really gets into the minute detail of the things which impact on your customers every single. It will provide enlightening insight into your business!

The real benefit of undertaking this process is that it will highlight a considerable number of opportunities to enhance the Customer Experience your organisation provider.

How can we improve consistency in our Customer Experience initiatives?

Critical here is that every single team member understands i) What Customer Experience is ii) How it differs from Customer Service iii) Why it is important iv) The role they can play in delivering a great Customer Experience.

From here, it is about having the right people in the business, a culture of leadership and support at the top to, aligned to a Vision and Values, to drive the Customer Experience agenda, and the right systems and processes in place to ensure consistency.

How can we objectively measure improvements in our Customers’ Experiences?

There are a number of options but the three suggested methods are:

  • - Net Promoter Score (NPS) – a measurement of your customer loyalty
  • Feedback – Qualitative & quantitative. Very powerful when used in conjunction with NPS
  • Customer Experience Evaluation – Mystery Shopping an organisation and seeing it as the customer sees it.

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