Guided Marketing

What is Guided Marketing?

A Personalised, Interactive, Behaviour-based system that guides and pulls your target audience through a series automated lead funnels so they convert into loyal customers and brand promoters.

A Methodology which considers every step a buyer takes from when they first realise they have a problem through to becoming your customer. It recognises that the way people are buying has changed and plugs right into the way people buy today and into the future.

A series of Marketing Activities that guides and pulls your ideal visitors to your website by being genuinely helpful, solving problems whilst NOT interrupting their privacy.

Start With Why

There are over five billion Google searches per day. If you are going to successfully compete for your customer’s attention you need to understand what they’re searching for, when they’re searching, and where they’re likely to seek an answer. In other words, you need to paint a picture of your customer which quite simply, cannot be detailed enough.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is much more than sending a series of emails to someone when they register as a lead. Marketing automation is all about personalising someones buying journey. You'll need to automate all of your key marketing tasks and processes including SEO, social media scheduling, content curation, blog scheduling, lead nurturing and reporting.

Automating your marketing campaigns will ensure you send your contacts, the right message, at the perfect time.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your customers generally begin their buying process with your company by using a search engine like Google to find relevant content they have questions about.

SEO should never be considered as a short term strategy to attract more targeted visitors to your website.

Content Creation Support

Attracting visitors to your website begins with content. You must create educational content that speaks to and answers your ideal customers questions and problems.
We’ll help your create all the content you need to meet your business and visitors objectives. All content production will be optimised for both your target audience and the search engines.
We have a resource pool of freelance copywriters, visual/graphic designers and video creation experts waiting to help.

Email Marketing

Email is still a great channel to promote your content, products, services or offers and is an even better way to nurture visitors into leads and loyal customers. Clickable will ensure all campaigns are delivered to targeted traffic and encourage clicks, back to your website.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Let us help you share your content offers and valuable information on all of your chosen social networks.

We can also guide and support you so your company engages with prospects, and so they can put a human face on your brand.

Google Adwords (PPC)

If you have the budget, paid search advertising (PPC) is a great way to drive traffic to your landing page offers. We’ll ensure your content offers provide value and that they match the message in your ads. Clickable’s PPC Management involves a highly analytical process of in depth keyword research, fine tuning of campaigns, employing advanced strategies and continually measuring results to lower the cost per click , cost per sale and ultimately improving your return-on-investment

Web Analytics and Reporting

We will help turn captured online data into useful insights and actionable recommendations. We can then offer advice not just based on our extensive web analytics experience but based on your specific goals and business requirements.